Discover America's Story


Your historic works presented in today's digital format.

Publishers want to scan their historic printed archives, but challenges such as cost and technology are formidable barriers.
Discover America's Story is what you've been waiting for -- a way to generate new revenue to support your archive digitization through a standardized sales plan which has strong appeal to advertisers.

Using this program, you'll receive advertising revenue against content profitably over multiple years. Incredibly, the answer to “how do I pay for digitization” has been right in front of you all along. The program is so simple it seems hard to believe it didn't appear sooner.

With Discover America's Story, you will generate new revenue by doing what you do best – selling advertising. There is no real trick or even a secret pitch. Just sell like you sell now. You have content and you have bring them together with our amazingly simple strategy.

Now is the time to get involved!

Why? The reason is simple. You love new revenue and you need money to pay for digitally preserving and publishing your newspaper archive online.

Discover America's Story helps you create a new revenue stream and gives you a way to pay for digitization by engaging new advertisers. We'll help by showing you an advertising/sponsorship program which is compelling for your area's largest businesses, employers and civic organizations - particularly those interested in positioning themselves as good neighbors. Businesses are invited to sign on as sponsors of your once-in-a-lifetime community historical preservation project. In turn, their sponsorship provides the resources you need to scan your bound volume or loose printed archive and publish it online.

How It Works

Businesses and organizations want to be considered valuable members of the community and they want their employees and patrons to know they care. As sponsors, local businesses demonstrate their commitment and are publicly recognized for providing an invaluable and enduring community service by helping ensure your newspaper is digitally preserved and accessible to everyone.

The business is given a choice of various sponsorship levels which deliver marketing opportunities including print ad placements, online promotion and other materials (for websites, annual reports, newsletters etc.) to be determined by you. You establish the various sponsorship levels and rates and all revenue generated by the program is yours!

OWNERSHIP: You exclusively own and control all the digital copies, and no partnership is required when you work with us. You receive all of the master scans, which you are free to use in any way you choose, and there is no requirement to publish your digital copies on our websites. We work with publishers on a "pay as you go" basis so there is never a contract commitment to order additional work.