Discover America's Story

Lovers saying goodbye

Every community has a story.

There are hundreds of millions of newspaper pages that need to be digitized and placed online. Discover America’s Story helps achieve that goal.

For generations, the stories of the people and events which have shaped American communities have best been told by local newspapers. Now, Discover America’s Story brings those stories to life with the creation of the first online newspaper archive repository dedicated to small town America. Best of all, the public will be able to explore and search its millions of pages of community newspaper archives for free.

Discover America’s Story parent company, SmallTownPapers, Inc., has been quietly scanning the archives of hundreds of newspapers across the country for more than a decade. Now the company has created a nationwide initiative making it possible for hundreds more newspapers to scan and publish the history of their own communities.

Discover America’s Story is an easy to use, sponsorship-based program that provides businesses with an opportunity to make a lasting and valuable contribution to their communities and newspapers with the revenue they need to make the online accessible archive a reality. Publishers partner with their community’s most committed and caring local employers, businesses and civic organizations to create a new and enduring historical resource.